Filling in Blonde Eyebrows: An Easy and Natural Look


Anastasia blonde eyebrow tutorial

Ladies (and in some cases, gents too) can pretty much all agree that “on fleek” eyebrows are an absolute must when it comes to achieving their desired look.

Brows frame the entire face and, just like all features, everybody’s are different. Some are bushy, some are thin, some are arched, some are straight. Some brows are light, others are dark, and the rest are somewhere in between.

As for me, mine are light. Like reaalllly light.

We’re talking pretty much invisible before I fill them in. It took me years (and some seriously tragic phases) before I finally found a brow routine that is easy, affordable, and that gives me the natural look that I like.  Hint: It doesn’t involve constant brow tinting or an array of fancy products.

Eyebrow Trick

My Eyebrow Trick Revealed

But before I let you in on my secret, I’d like to give you a quick rundown on the journey of my brows, in the hopes to save you from the money and time consuming fails that I experienced.

Me Without Eyebrows:

Why I Ruled Out (Most) Powders and Gels

In addition to having light blonde brows, they are extremely fine, much like the hair on my head. I’ve always envied the girls with thick pony tails and full, beautiful brows that they can just pluck, comb, and go. While I’ll admit that it’s pretty nice not to have coarse hair all over my body (yay for less painful waxes!) it can be a real struggle when it comes to my eyebrows.

Having fine, blonde brows makes it nearly impossible to just use a powder alone.  It all depends on personal preference and the look you’re going for, but I for one absolutely can’t stand a powdery looking set of brows on my face! When I went through the powder-only phase, it was completely obvious where I’d dragged the powder brush (no matter how light my strokes were) and they just wound up looking like a fuzzy, drawn on mess.

So, in an effort to achieve a more natural look, I eventually decided to try using gel. To my disappointment, nearly every one that I tried instantly globbed up in the hair and left an unnatural looking stain on my skin.

Anya's eyebrow up close

Up close of Anya's eyes

For a pretty long time I settled on using the Beverly Hills Brow Gel by Anastasia. I tried the Blonde, Caramel, and Brunette shades, but I was never fully satisfied with the result. While it was less clumpy than other gels I’d tried and had a nice sturdy wand that would probably work great on thicker hair, it still didn’t cling to my hair or give me the fullness and color I was going for.

I finally gave in and resulted to getting them tinted at a salon. I did this every 3 weeks for a couple of years. You can imagine how quickly this become an obnoxious expense for my then-teenage-self, not to mention time consuming. To this day I still can’t justify paying for a tint more than every so often, and will only get them tinted if I have a vacation coming up and don’t want to worry about makeup whatsoever.

The Trick That Finally Worked 

Thankfully for me, this story has a happy ending. I was so tired of doing my makeup and walking out the door with mediocre brows and was fed up with spending money and time on various options.  Here is the funny thing: what I discovered as my solution had been an item in my makeup bag all along.

Drum roll please…. it was MASCARA. Yes, regular ole’ mascara is and has been my absolute MUST have eyebrow product for the past few years, and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon! I tried a few different brands and discovered that the one that works best for my brows is Greatlash by Maybelline in the color dark brown. 

I order it here on Amazon because it’s the convenient thing to do.

No Eyebrow Makeup On (1)

Great Lash swatch

Here’s why:

1. The wand works. Since the wand itself is thin and straight, I’m able to target the exact hairs I want to color. The bristles are short, stiff and precise, making it easy to separate the hairs and achieve a natural root-to-tip finish with each stroke.Close Up of Maybelline Wand

2. The color matches. I know that dark brown may sound a bit much for a blondy like me, but it actually happens to give me the exact color I like, which is about the shade of my roots. I’m a fan of slightly darker brows on blondes (think of Miley Cyrus circa 2016/2017) so for me…it works!Great Lash by Maybelline in dark brown

3. They carry waterproof – and it actually works. Sadly, Maybelline doesn’t carry the waterproof in brown, but the brownish black shade that they do carry works as a great alternative. It sounds dark but trust me, if you use light strokes it really isn’t black at all. Waterproof MascaraFor any fun loving blonde who cares about their brow appearance but also likes to enjoy fearless swims with friends, this stuff is magical.  They may need a touch up after you take a dip, but you won’t have to worry about your brows bleeding off in front of the crowd. Been there, done that, so awkward.

My Eyebrow Journey Completed

Great Lash Product with babybreath

🙂 Amazon is the best place to buy Great Lash by Maybelline >>

Once I made the discovery that mascara looks stellar on my brows, it made me wonder why I hadn’t thought of it sooner. I mean…if I use it to darken my light, fine eyelashes, why not on the hair right above them?! Gels and powders can be great for blondes with coarse hair, or who are going for a more dramatic look, but for me mascara is the only solution to achieving full – and natural – looking brows. Hallelujah!