Hailey Baldwin Before & After

Hailey Baldwin: Before & After


If you have a phone and access to pretty much any social media platform, then chances are you probably know who Hailey Baldwin is.  Granted, the last name Baldwin isn’t a difficult one to recognize – shoutout to Alec and that f*cking legendary Trump impersonation – but being the niece of a celebrity A-lister isn’t the sole reason that Hailey is boasting over 10 million followers on insta and is banking more than most of us will ever see in a lifetime. *tears*

Sure, her famous family likely had a little something to do with the success of her career, but these days Hailey is one of the top dogs in the modeling industry.  She began her career in 2014, and with the help of her fortunate genes and prominent social media presence, she has been landing one major job after the other: Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Topshop, and Guess…just to name a few.

As for her personal style, Hailey is never seen looking anything less than fabulous. She is known to alternate between a boyish street style and the ultimate done-up diva, and whether she’s wearing sneakers or stilettos she always looks like a million bucks.  It also doesn’t hurt her look that most of her friends are also supermodels…like talk about the ultimate accessory am I right??

But of course, Hails hasn’t always been at the top of the style game.  Like most of us, she’s definitely had her share of awkward phases and plenty of fashion faux pas to match.

Let’s take a look at her transformation over the years, shall we?

Beauty Evolution

Hailey in 2004

2004_Hailey Baldwin 7 years old with her dad at Shrek 2 special screening in NYC
She probably wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this now but she sure did look cute back then!


Hailey in 2009

2009_Hailey on the red carpet at 12 years old
This must have been during the MySpace era…back when the peace sign and duck face were a thing.

Hailey in 2010

2010_Hailey Baldwin with her fatuerh at the ESPY Awards
Not too sure about this dress but clearly Hailey is starting to mature a bit here!

Hailey in 2011

2011_Hailey Baldwin with thin eyebrows
Ahh the feather earrings. Don’t lie, you had them too.
2011_ Hailey Baldwin with pink headband on and thin eyebrows
Make-up: on point for the most part. Accessories? Not so much.
2011_Hailey Baldwin at the Warner Music Group's Post Grammy Event
Hailey proving she can pull off brown hair, too!
2011_Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber
Okay can we just talk about Justin Bieber for a second? Like, that hair. That freaking hair. I just can’t. 


Okay, now let’s move on to some more recent pics.  Which look is your personal favorite?

Haily in 2012

Hailey in 2013

2013_May_Hailey BaldwinHailey in 2014

2014_Hailey Baldwin2014_November_Hailey Baldwin with blonde hair2014_November_Hailey Baldwin with dark brows2014_September_Hailey BaldwinHailey in 2015

2015_April_Hailey Baldwin with hair up

2015_February_Hailey Baldwin with red lipstick on2015_July_Hailey with dark brows2015_May_Hailey Baldwin with brown hair2015_November_Hailey with high ponytail2015_October_Hailey Baldwin2015_September_Hailey Baldwin with hair half up and bangs2015_September_Hailey Baldwin

Hailey in 2016

2015_September_Hailey Baldwin2016_February_Hailey Baldwin with a braid2016_February_Hailey with hair sleeked back2016_Hailey Baldwin with bangs2016_Hailey Baldwin with blue shirt on2016_November_Hailey with orange jacket2016_October_Hailey Baldwin2016_September_Hailey Baldwin with short hair

Hailey in 2017

2017_Hailey Baldwin with short hair2017_Hailey Baldwin Golden Globes After Party2017_August_ Hailey Baldwin at the VMAS