Online Stores for Petite Women

My Favorite Petite Online Stores

Looking for petite online stores? Don’t worry, I have you covered… I understand, it’s a tough world out there when you can’t reach the top cabinets in your kitchen, but it’s even tougher when your favorite style trends are NEVER in your size!

If you’re a 5’2 munchkin like myself, at one point you might have blacklisted these wardrobe items below because the fit is awkward:

1) maxi-dresses because they’ll most likely be taller than you

2) crop-tops because they fit like small tees

3) ripped-jeans-at-the-knees because they rip at your shins instead, and

4) high-waisted shorts because unless you don’t want a waistline, forget about them!

When I was in 7th grade I tried on those “it” jeans (you know, the ones you couldn’t afford and asked for Christmas) and to my unpleasant surprise they scrunched heavily at the bottom of my legs – not cute, not fly – just sad! If this story resonates with you, keep reading.

Online Stores For Petite Women
Petite is the term used for anyone 5’3 tall or under. It does not refer to weight, only stature.

I knew then that my stature was going to overwhelmingly cause me problems and headaches for the rest of my days and I was absolutely right – IT HAS, until…

Boom. I discovered glorious (and highly addictive) internet shopping.

It’s easy to conquer all of my miniature battles with a click of a button and you won’t have to succumb to blacklisting various clothing items again…

Below you’ll find out how I solved all of my shorty woes!

Petite Online Stores – 2020 Guide

I’ll admit though, it took me quite some time to give online shopping a go. It sounded prettttty pretty risky, would I be able to get the right measurements? Buying clothes in-store was difficult as it is when nada fits you.

Well, now I wish I would have started web-purchasing sooner. Not only have I been able to get clothes that fit properly (like sleeves that actually don’t cover my whole hand), but I have also been able to try out sweet and current get-ups.

Here are my favorite web shops that are petite-friendly!

My Fave For Anything A La Mode:


Topshop petite online shoppingWhy I like it: This shop is always up-to-date on the latest and the greatest style gear. Ahhh, and their jeans are terrific and not ridiculously overpriced.

Pros – Like I said, fantastic jeans – from mom ones to super skinny. Also, the cuuuutest tops. Prices range from $40-100.

Cons – Nothing. It’s my favorite place for a reason.


Amazon Has a Great Petite Selection:


Amazon Online Shopping for petite women Why I like it: As Amazon has grown immensely over the past few years, their selection of petite clothing has also grown too. I highly recommend browsing their petite clothing selection to see what gems you can find.
Many great brands have started offering their petite clothes on Amazon.  With quick shipping, they have moved to the top of my list.

Pros – Fast shipping, easy returns.

Cons – Your size being in stock.


My Go-To Affordable Shop For Special Occasions:


ASOS online shoppingWhy I like it: Whether I’m looking for a dress for a special occasion, a cute new outfit for a vacation or anything in-between, I always check out ASOS’ “Petite” section. In their own words “don’t fall short when it comes to style”.

Pros – You can count on them to have the newest in-style looks and their selection is pretty massive. You can even buy swimwear and pajama sets as well.

Cons – With a reasonable price tag, you’re going to get what you paid for. It’s not horrible, but it’s not great.


When I Need To Revamp My Closet With Quality Staples:


Madewell for petites and 00 sizesWhy I like it: I can always find the essentials I need here, whether it be a simple white shirt or a nicely fitted plaid shirt.

Pros – They always have the pieces I need in excellent

Cons –  Semi-pricey, but not as bad as their sister-store J.Crew.


For A Deal On Pants That Fit My Short Legs:


Abercrombie and Fitch online shopping for petite pantsWhy I like it: They have various styles and I don’t have to worry if they’ll fit be too long.

Pros – Better quality than American Eagle and they always have great deals.

Cons – Their jeans will last you awhile, but not forever.


For My Office Attire:


Banana Republic for petite womenWhy I like it: I use to be a paralegal and this is the place I would get all my pencil skirts and blouses. Why? Because something you’re going to use a lot, need to be quality.

Pros – Quality clothes that last a long time, even after millions of washes.

Cons – A bit on the pricier side, but still not bad.


When I’m Feeling Spendy:


Anthropologie for Petite womenWhy I like it: Because, come on, their pieces are unique and irresistible. Classy, yet homey – how do they pull this vibe off? I don’t know, but I cherish my Anthro gems.

Pros – They’ll last forever and feel great on.

Cons – You’ll spend more than you ever wanted to.

Honorable Mentions for Petite Online Stores:


Jcrew for petitesJCrew is worth a look.




Nordstrom Petite selection

Nordstrom is worth browsing, too.

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