Are you Ruching? Ruched Styles To Try!

Why use a corset when you can achieve the same look by ruching?! That’s right, the ruched look is the next spring trend to try. As you can see above, celebrity fashionistas show us how to nail the ruching style. This isn’t the first time this trend has come along though, this is a popular technique that has been used throughout history.

Ruching defined:

A French word which means plait – an ancient sewing technique that gathers a piece of ribbon or fabric into a scallop or petal pattern that is repeated. It can be used as trim or decorative manner on women’s clothing. It’s most commonly used on the neckline, sleeve, hem, waist or sides of the fabric. It is meant to amplify or reduce volume in a female figure (looks amazing!).

Check out how prominent this hot trend was during the 2018 Spring/Summer fashion week below. Even Rihanna added some ruching to her clothing line.

Fendi Spring Summer 18 Ruching
Milan Fashion Spring week ruching skirt
Milan Spring/Summer Fashion Week.
New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 18
NYC Spring/Summer Fashion Week.
Paris Fashion Week Ruching
Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week.
Paris Fashion week spring 18
Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week.
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