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Why You Should Try The White Boots Trend Now! – Celeb Inspiration

Admittedly, I am writing this post because I have been fantasying about trying the white boots trend for awhile now, but my fashion-cautious side of the brain has been getting the best of me. No matter how many times I have put some mod creamy boots in my online shopping cart, I can’t seem to check them out. Does anyone have the same problem out there?

What is it about this look that is making me so hesitant? Well, for one, it’s bold. It stands out. A little too much for my usual taste. You could be wearing the craziest tops and the shiniest clothing materials, but these white shiny bad boys will always be the center piece of your get-up.

Why is this such a bad thing? It’s not. So, writing this up is really a way to convince myself why I should try the white boots trend NOW. I know, it’s not what you expect out of someone who is writing about the latest styles and must-have wardrobe pieces, huh? I get it.

Well, this is one of the reasons this beauty journal was born – to break out of my comfort zones, try NEW styles, and express who I am through the art of fashion. Hopefully I will muster enough courage to be a little bit more creative as they style journal of mine continues.

What do you guys think about these celebrity inspired white boots looks below? These are some of my favorite ways to wear this trend. Let me know what YOU think!

Karlie Kloss Wears Western White Booties with Kitten-Heels

Karlie Kloss in white boots
Karlie always looks put together. I love the material on her chic kitten-heels. Sam Edelman carries the same style that I have my eyes on.

Gigi Hadid in White Sock Boots

Gigi Hadid with white booties
I love this outfit combo! So casual, yet sexy. I found a similar high-heeled style here!

Kendall Jenner in Wooden-Heel White Booties

Kendall Jenner wearing white booties
MIA Rosebud has booties these cute! I absolutely adore them. Something about the wooden heel that gives you that cool seventies vibe.

Bella Hadid Walking in NYC in Perforated White Boots

Bella Hadid in white ankle booties with holes
LOVE THESE, perfect for spring! These Rag and Bones ones are cute, but if you are looking for a less expensive buy, these Dolce Vita ankle boots are lovely.

Selena Gomez in the Classic Block Heeled Cream Boots

Selena Gomez with classic block white boots
Everyone knows Selena has killer style. So, of course, I had to get inspiration from her on this issue. I like like the fact that these heels are wider, making these shoes more comfortable to walk in. 

Rihanna in Studded Off-white Ankle Boots

Rihanna in studded white boots and jeans
Our girl Riri has a way of making current trends even BOLDER. If you want something a little bit more in your face, these Givenchy designer shoes will accomplish that. If you’re like me and want something a little less out there, these Sam Edeman Holt booties have just the right amount of punch.

Wow, Romee Strijd Takes The Cake With Her Outfit And Pointy White Boots!

white boots celebrities like (7)
Ahhhh… Romee is one model to keep your eye out for in the fashion world. She looks exquisite in this jaw-dropping combination that I would never think of putting together – her cat-eyed sunglasses, puffy bomber jacket, simple black top and black faux leather pants. But, what ties this all together?! Yep, her pointy white ankle boots (here’s ones you might like).

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